Family Law

Family Law

We provide a broad range of legal services for families in crisis. In addition to helping draft separation agreements, we also help those who are facing divorce and help with issues pertaining to child custody and visitation. We will take the time to listen to your goals and work towards developing a strategy to achieve those goals.

Annulment, Divorce, & Separation

The decision to end a marriage is very personal, and regardless of the circumstances, emotionally difficult. Whether you believe you have sufficient reason to feel your marriage may be ended through the annulment process, believe separation is an option, or you are prepared to file for divorce, we can help. We can help you through the process of property division, answering a divorce complaint, or help you draft a separation agreement.

Child Custody & Visitation Including Grandparent Rights

Children have a right and expectation of having a loving relationship with both parents, even after divorce. We can help you with all aspects of custody and visitation disputes between parents. We have also helped grandparents secure visitation rights after divorce helping lay the groundwork for a strong relationship between the children and grandparents.

Family Support Payments – Modification & Enforcement

In cases of divorce and separation, there are generally support payments due to one party. Child support payments are determined based on the number of overnights with the child as well as the income of both parents. In some instances, the court may order temporary or permanent alimony payments as well. We can help when the responsible party is not living up to the court order, or when necessary, request a modification of the court order.


When a loved one is unable to care for themselves, whether they are a minor child or an incapacitated adult, there may be a need for special permission from the courts to manage their affairs. We have provided families with assistance seeking authorization to handle both the day-to-day affairs and medical affairs of their loved ones.

In addition to assistance with divorce, and other family law matters, we also have experience handling:

  • Termination of Parental Rights
  • Domestic Violence/Protection Orders
  • Adoption
  • Paternity

Regardless of the legal issue you and your family are facing, you can count on us to listen to the problem and help you decide how to move forward. Contact the Boise, Idaho family law attorneys at Grover Law Office, PLLC and schedule a free consultation. We provide services across the Treasure Valley.

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