Being in debt can be very stressful for your entire family. Bill collectors calling, collection letters coming daily, and threats of wage or bank account garnishment. There are many reasons why debt can get out of control, from a reduction in work hours, an illness in the family, or divorce. When you cannot get your debt under control, it may be possible for you to find relief through the courts by filing bankruptcy.

Debtor Rights in Idaho

Debtors are offered certain protection including being free from debt collector harassment. You can stop unwanted telephone calls at home, and at work by requesting the collector contact you only by mail. It is considered a violation of law if they fail to follow your wishes after they have been notified in writing. We can help you take legal action if your rights have been violated.

Preventing Further Problems

Ignoring collection notices can lead to additional problems. Creditors may take legal action including going to court and requesting a monetary judgment against you. Additionally, they can also request that your wages be garnished so they are receiving a portion of the monies they are owed. If you are a homeowner, your mortgage lender can start foreclosure proceedings. You can avoid these harsh actions by meeting with an experienced attorney and filing for protection under Chapter 7 of the bankruptcy code.

Chapter 7 Offers a Fresh Start

Debtors who are eligible for Chapter 7 bankruptcy can get a fresh start. Thanks to the exemptions you can take, most people who file bankruptcy can keep most of their property including their home and vehicle. Once you have filed bankruptcy, and the court approves your petition, unsecured debt such as credit card debt and medical bills will be wiped out upon discharge.

If you are being weighed down with credit card, medical, and other revolving debt, do not wait until your creditors have begun taking legal action. Contact Grover Law Office, PLLC and let us help. We offer a free consultation in our Boise, Idaho offices. We offer assistance with bankruptcy filings across the Treasure Valley.

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